Nova Bone Broth


Only natural ingredients, making it pure, wholesome and free of any artificial additives.
Improved hydration, joint health, and digestion.
Use as a beverage, topping for food, ingredient for treats, or a refreshing snack.
Handy 230ml packets, ideal for home use or on-the-go hydration.
Composition: Water, duck bones, organic carrot.
Constituents (per 100ml): Moisture 96.8% Crude protein 3.1% Crude oils and fats 0% Crude Fibre 0% Crude ash 0.1%
Collagen content per 100ml: 900mg
Energy content per 100ml: 53kg/12kcal

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Nova Bone Broth 230ml comes in four flavours: Moose, Duck, Chicken, and Beef. Each product is slow-cooked for at least 12 hours, separating the fat from the bone collagen to create a broth with 0g of fat and only 9-12 calories per 100ml, depending on the flavour. This natural bone broth can be added to a pet’s food to increase fluid levels, making it an ideal choice for hot days. It can also be frozen for a refreshing and healthy treat. Packed with collagen, chondroitin, and glucosamine, this broth helps to promote joint health, shiny fur, soft skin, and strong nails.