Frequently Asked Questions

What about cats?

Feed a varied diet pretty much the same as the dogs with fish and dark poultry being the highest in Taurine for them. Variation is key to both cats & dogs for a more balanced vitamin & mineral content over time.

Can I feed Frozen?

Lots of people feed food frozen or partially frozen, especially in the Summer or for dogs who gulp food down. For those with sensitive tums we don’t recommend feeding frozen or partially frozen as it can be a shock to the gut for some so it’s an individual preference.

My vet says raw is bad?

Raw feeding can be fed badly. There is a growing number of vets that have and are researching raw/fresh feeding after seeing amazing results in patients. The Raw Veterinary Society was formed to help & support those Vets who are willing to learn or already advocates and the numbers are growing rapidly…

Sadly current veterinary training on nutrition isn’t what it could be and is only a small portion of all the years they spend learning, it is usually given by a pet food company to boot so is far from unbiased. Research is key for us all, we are happy to recommend websites, books and vets that can help in this. Considering the bulk of the immune system is born in the gut we believe that nutrition is the key to health & are hoping one day the training for our wonderful vets changes to reflect this.

I have a dog that is severely Immune compromised can I feed raw?

It would be advisable to work with a canine nutritionist or holistic vet on this, lightly cooking fresh food could be just the thing but raw is sometimes suitable, it really is case dependent.

I am immune compromised, will I get sick?

If food hygiene methods are kept good & you buy good quality food there should be no reason to get ill feeding raw. There really isn’t even a need to touch the food & if handling bones gloves can be used and thrown away or just use the bags they come in. It can also be fed in the garden and bowl washed after eating.

I’m scared of bones, do I have to feed them?

If this really is a game changer then NO. It is our opinion a pet is always better off eating fresh food be that a raw or cooked diet. Many minces have a high proportion of bone and so many dogs do very well on these given in the correct amounts. By feeding bones if at all possible you allow the dog to have an extra emotional release of chewing a bone as nature intended but also much cleaner teeth. So a yes & no answer there really but there are ways around it if it’s a no for bones.

Pet is constipated or has very white crumbly poo?

Possibly too much bone content, feed a few days of boneless, some green veg and butternut squash, little coconut oil or even a teaspoon of fresh coconut meat, little half teaspoon of Psyllium husk powder & all should be rectified. You can then work out the dogs bone content/boneless needs to prevent this happening, some are different to others.

My pet isn’t drinking much anymore now on raw?

There is roughly 60% or more moisture content is meat so the  fluid needed changes after coming from a dry food or tinned even that has been extruded.