LUCAA+ Probiotic Pet Shampoo


LUCAA+ Probiotic Pet Shampoo does more than clean visible dirt and stains: it enriches and restores healthy microbial balance to your dog’s skin and fur.

Our dog shampoo for itchy skin helps alleviate skin problems and keep your pet clean. It also eliminates odours and keeps your dog smelling fresher for longer.

Dogs have different skin acidity from humans, which makes them more prone to irritation from chemical shampoos. Washing too frequently can harm their skin’s natural microflora balance and cause irritation.

In contrast, LUCAA+ Probiotic Pet Shampoo is a dog shampoo for sensitive skin that’s chemical-free, gentle, nourishing and hypoallergenic. It has a neutral pH and can be used as often as required. It is suitable for cats and other pets too.

In addition, the shampoo is enriched with beneficial, ‘good’ bacteria, naturally sourced from plants. These helpful probiotics remove root causes of infection, atopic allergies, itching and unpleasant odours.

Probiotics clean away harmful bacteria, bio-allergens – including pollen and dust mite – and eliminate odour molecules such as urine. As a result, with our natural dog shampoo, there is no need for chemical fragrances that risk irritating the skin. There are several other benefits to our product: 

  • Suitable for frequent use and sensitive skin
  • Suitable for itchy skin
  • A beneficial addition to atopic allergy management.
  • Plant-based, vegan and chemical-free; no aluminium or parabens.


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Our Dog Shampoo for Sensitive Skin Reduces Skin Irritation, Itching and Odours

LUCAA+ Probiotic Pet Shampoo restores and replenishes healthy sebum (the layer of fat under the skin that protects dogs from infection and cold weather). This is important because unhealthy sebum is often the root cause of unpleasant dog odour. 

LUCAA+ Probiotic Pet Shampoo helps prevent and treat:

 – Seborrhoea, a common condition where malfunctioning sebaceous glands cause dryness, redness, sensitivity and itching. 

 – Pyoderma, a common bacterial skin infection that causes redness, lesions, itching and pus.

Find out more in our news post case study and testimonial. 

Try the Pet Atopic Allergy Pack if your dog suffers from atopic allergies.

This a simple three-step programme that tackles the root causes of seasonal and environmental allergies. It includes LUCAA+ Probiotic Pet Shampoo 300ml.

You can find out more about sensitive skin in dogs here.


Shake before use. Gently wet fur with lukewarm water and massage shampoo in thoroughly. For best results, allow to soak in for five minutes then rinse.

Why should I use LUCAA+ Probiotic Pet Shampoo?

LUCAA+ Probiotic Pet Shampoo cleans and nourishes your pet and uses probiotics to mechanically remove the source of odours (bad bacteria) from fur. It’s chemical-free, anti-allergenic and PETA certified as cruelty-free and vegan.

What is the Best Shampoo for a Dog?

The best dog shampoo is LUCAA+ Probiotic Pet Shampoo. It not only cleans and removes dog odour but also stops odours from reappearing for several days. Most shampoos mask dog smell but LUCAA+ Probiotic Pet Shampoo actively removes it. It does this using probiotics, which outcompete bad bacteria and survive for several days after application.

Is LUCAA+ Probiotic Pet Shampoo Suitable for Cats?

Yes, this shampoo is safe and beneficial for cats – and for any pet that is happy to have a wash!

Can I use Human Shampoo on a Dog?

No! You shouldn’t use human shampoo on dog skin because most human shampoo has a Ph balance of 5.5-5.6, which is on the acidic side. This can irritate your dog’s skin, leaving it dry and flaky, even if it smells like your favourite product.

LUCAA+ Probiotic Pet Shampoo is formulated for dogs. Vets love using it and so do dog owners. You can use this pet shampoo in place of your existing shampoo.

How Often Should you Bathe your Dog?

Bathing frequency will depend on breed type and activity, but the general consensus among dog owners is to wash your dog every four weeks. This will keep their skin and coat clean without irritating their skin with over washing. If your dog gets dirty, you can bathe them to remove the dirt. A frequent wash will do no harm.

When your dog starts to smell, this is a good time to bathe your dog. LUCAA+ Probiotic Pet Shampoo leaves your dog smelling fresher for longer. It’s enriched with beneficial, ‘good’ bacteria, naturally sourced from plants. These probiotics remove the root causes of odours, atopic allergies and itching to improve your dog’s coat.

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