A fresh raw diet can bring health benefits for your cat or dog…

Evidence is mounting all over the world on a fresh raw diet for cats & dogs. Dog’s generally have cleaner, stronger teeth & can be healthier and happier on a diet they would naturally choose themselves such as raw meaty bones, fresh meat, berries and herbs. You will hear the words ‘Biologically appropriate’ ‘BARF’, Prey Model’ & Fresh but essentially they are all raw food diets for dogs.

Ketopet in America are leading the way with ground breaking therapies on dogs with cancer right now, all are fed a raw, fresh diet. The studies are growing, and all are coming up with the same answer, feed fresh!

Processed food is usually cooked at high temperatures leaving most of the vitamins, minerals, natural enzymes & essential fatty acids gone, or turned into harmful toxins. These toxins are then replaced with synthetics which aren’t easily metabolised. The word ‘Essential in fatty acids is there for a reason, a much needed powerhouse for health which are no longer there in their true form after being cooked at high temperatures.

No pet food is balanced just like no processed human meal is balanced.

A fresh raw diet can bring health benefits for your cat or dog, some that have been noted by many are:
Cleaner teeth, nicer breath
Smaller stools
Mentally & physically calmer
Better skin, coat, less or no itching
Improved digestion
Healthier in general
Better allergy control or alleviated
Weight maintenance