EVAA+ Probiotic Air Optimiser – 300ml Push Spray


Reduces Organic Allergens in Pollen, Dust & Pet Hair by up to 70%EVAA+ Probiotic Air Optimiser Spray is a natural spray that reduces skin and respiratory allergic reactions to organic allergens by over 70%.

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Environmental and seasonal allergies are usually caused by organic allergens in the environment. These allergens include pollen, dust mite faeces, pollen, pet hair, skin flakes and fungal spores.
Use this easy to use spray to naturally reduce seasonal and environmental allergy symptoms:

Cleans indoor air.
Eliminates organic allergens.
Helps prevent allergic reactions.
Fresh, natural scent.
A+ rated for respiratory safety.
Not irritating or toxic.
Spray into air and on bedding and linens.
The helpful probiotics also help to restore healthy balance (microbiome) to your indoor environment at a microbial level. A healthy microbiome is known to support well-being and immunity.

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